Stepping in

The darkness always brings forth such fear.

Though to turn on a light one must reach into the night, my dear.

To see the beauty within you and me one must embrace our thoughts even as they begin darkening.

Always remember it will be alright if you can step into the night and turn on the light.


You never know you have one until it’s all said and done.

The last of it always leaves you desperate for more.

It is never something you can buy at the grocery store.

Constantly you consume as much as you can, unable to stop.

It is your reason for living all you do is take and just stop giving.

Always the same lie, you can stop at any time, you are doing just fine.

Only those who once knew you, know the truth, can see the fine line you have tied into a pretty noose.

They wait till you have nothing left till you take that step, and risk it all.

They only hope they can catch you before you fall…