Midday Musings

Step I’m failing at it

Step I should really just quit

Step I should just dig my own pit

Step maybe just one more

Step and I glance back noticing I have walked across the floor

Step my hand shakes as I turn the knob of the door

Step and I stand on the threshold I’ll never know what life has in store if I don’t take one more



What is being human?



Or is it something more?

Surely we are not here for just a short time only then to return to the roots beneath the trees.

Surely there must be something more than pacing back and forth across the same floor.

Surely our humanity is really not such a catastrophe.

Will we wake one day to be able to say the words that flicker across our face?

Or is being a human constantly consist of tightly sealed lips?

if this is what being human means then I want nothing more.

Wake me when the reaper is near to take me from here…

If it is not though then whatever you do don’t let me go