Recipe to Succeed

A frogs leg for a spring in your step even on a rainy day

A firefly for a twinkle in your eye to help you find your way.

A Wolf’s song to help carry you on when the nights are long.

A breeze from a Dragon’s wings so you may see your dreams.

And last but certainly not least…

A great big helping of belief.

For nothing will ever succeed if one does not believe.

Combine slowly and take twice a day once before you get out of bed and before your pillow again touches your head.

Milky Way

Her skin itches

unbearably tight

in the day’s light

Coming not so soon

is the moon

bathed in the darkness of the night

In the wane light

She tears the facade away

layer after layer

revealing that which flows beneath her skin

Now all can see

the stars within her

burning so very brightly

Dancing in the Down Pour

“The storm is within all of us, to prevent it is to only help it grow, to end it one must only let go…”

Pushing past him with arms wide open she walked into the heavy rain.

Laughing as the thunder roared and rumbled deep within her soul.

Each flash of lightning leaves a singeing kiss upon her skin.

Still, she dances in the downpour hoping it would wash away her fears that she holds so near to her heart they threaten to tear it apart.

A small piece of a larger work in progress…