The biggest mistake you can make is mistaking someone as a mistake before the chance you take due to another beings mistakes.

Leaving us in a world full of mistakes made and chances never chanced.

The dance ends…

Then again I could be mistaken.

Mountainous Dreams (1)

Upon the horizon are mountains I see.

Looking down mocking you and me.

Teasing, taunting and throwing pebbles of doubt.

Whispering, “See we are what you’ll never be…”

Still, travel,  climb, in frustration, scream, and shout.

Though only you know how far you’re willing to go.

Don’t quit, stop or give in.

And the mountains on the horizon that we see

They’ll soon be nothing but clouds beneath our wings.

Mentors & Muses

Mentors and Muses

Teach me to pluck the stars from the skies so I may place them into my eyes so I may see the world as you do.

Show me how to be patient with the rivers of the sky as they flow to and fro.

Tell me a tale that even Time has not heard so I may use it as strength when the cackling crows call.

Touch me so I can feel that this is reality and not another sweet poisonous fantasy.


Feel the ground quake and the mountain shake as I challenge the thunders roar.

Hear the pain in my laughter and know that you are near a place so far beneath my smiling face.

See me dance off of this cliff and know it was I who let go.

For I have to know if I will sink, float or soar…

 I have to know what I am in for…