Morning Muse 5/2/2018

The sun warms her face in the dawn

As your kiss did in the night

The wind tangles in her hair

As your hands did gripping tight

The rains cool touch makes her gasp

As your passion did as she was in your grasp

The storms linger with her tears as they roll past

As your silence did when you knew it wouldn’t last

The moon guides her across the sky

As your goodbye gave her wings to fly

What if?

What if the Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t on her way to grandma’s house?

What if she was just walking in the woods with a basket full of goods?

Walking away from that day, you know the one, the one always on replay.

What if she finally took that first step and wandered into the woods?

 For the day finally came when she stopped caring for those who would not even look her way.

Little Red Riding Hood wandering in the woods with a basket full of goods.

Wandering to the wolves den where her old life ends and her new life begins.