Xen~ Morning Muse 4-4-18

Two worlds collide upon her face

The left is caressed by a chilly wind left over from the night

As the right is kissed by dawns warm morning rays.

Tiss the way she starts her day.

A battle underway…

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A fly away day dreamer happily grounded by a child on each foot and a wonderful husband who always has my back. So I write my daydreams for now until our children develop wings of their own.

4 thoughts on “Xen~ Morning Muse 4-4-18”

  1. Hey! You know Bill, right? He’s a fantastic writer. You’re a great writer too. You have a great flip and fold dynamic in your writing that’s very intriguing. I’d love to follow your blog and share some of your stuff. There’s a couple that this mark is really straightforward and unique- I’m stoked to read some great stuff. Is that okay?

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    1. I’d love for you to follow my blog and am glad your intrigued by my work. Feel free to share anything of mine.
      Bill is a wonderful writer. I enjoy learning all I can from him about writing he is a great mentor.

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      1. Yes, and you couldn’t get a better one. Very lucky! Your voice is pretty strong – you can see it honing into this strength over time. I’m excited to see what you can do. We should “dance” sometime, as Bill calls it. Really stoked to meet you!

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