Looks can be decieving…

My heart beats like thunder, pounding against my chest.

My mind races like lightning, so quick to react.

My skin heats and cools like the desert dunes, as the darkness of day gives in to the light of the night.

My feet yearn to race the wind, but I am stuck in a cage made by an enchanting mage.

My tears are like waterfalls so beautiful, so moving, and slowly eroding away who I used to be.

My tongue holds many words that are often found absurd unless you dance with the wind as it whispers my secrets in your ear for only you to hear.

My eyes are like the sky ever changing, making you think you could fly.

My soul is written in ink that flows freely within an open book longing to tell you a painfully beautiful story.

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A fly away day dreamer happily grounded by a child on each foot and a wonderful husband who always has my back. So I write my daydreams for now until our children develop wings of their own.

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