We all came into this world alone.

Only to be placed into a surrounding, not of our choice.

We do the best we can, some thriving while others are barely surviving.

We all come to a point of transformation.

Wrapped up tightly in a cocoon of our own creation.

The most trying times of our lives.

Some are cocooned in love and appreciation while others are surrounded by depression and desperation.

And as we come to the precise moment of revelation,

our true colors show

Only the strongest can break themselves free of what others thought they should be

Thrusting themselves out, tear-stained and distorted into their dreams.

Often feeling as if they have accomplished nothing.

When in reality they are the definition of pure strength and beauty.

Published by


A fly away day dreamer happily grounded by a child on each foot and a wonderful husband who always has my back. So I write my daydreams for now until our children develop wings of their own.

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